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Lost Treasures 海外並行輸入正規品 Spkg 買取

Lost Treasures (Spkg)


Lost Treasures (Spkg)



22 Previously Unreleased and Rare Recordings That Are Just as Good as the Hits!

The first album by the original Tijuana Brass lineup in 30 years, Lost Treasures compiles previously unreleased tracks and hard-to-find rarities, hand-picked by Alpert himself. Herb Alpert was so prolific in the ’60s that tons of great songs got left behind in the vaults. Many are interpretations of songs by pop music’s greatest writers, including James Taylor’s "Fire and Rain" and The Beatles’ "And I Love Her." Other standouts include Cat Stevens’ "Whistlestar," written specifically for Alpert, and Burt Bacharach and Hal David’s "(They Long To Be) Close To You," which, after recording it himself, he felt was better suited to a new Aamp;M act called The Carpenters. This song, like the other 21 gems here, has been newly mixed and mastered.

Each album in the Herb Alpert Signature Series features meticulously remastered sound, deluxe packaging, detailed liner notes, and an intro by Herb Alpert containing personal recollections and anecdotes.


The debut entry in a 2005 series that sees the reissue, repackaging and remastering of the entire Herb Alpert/Tijuana Brass catalog, Lost Treasures collects 22 tracks that were either never released or available on obscure, unsuccessful albums. Compiled by Alpert who contributes fascinating liner notes and overdubbed a few horn parts that hadn’t been preserved through the decades, this is not only a labor of love, but a remarkably cohesive hour-long listening experience. It is also far from a haphazard collection of throwaway material. All of these tunes are finished and would have comfortably slotted on one of Alpert's dozen or so 1960s releases. Modified versions of standards such as "Tennessee Waltz" and often radically rearranged pop hits of the day from James Taylor, The Beatles and Gilbert O'Sullivan comprise the majority of the disc. Alpert also plunges into the fertile Bacharach/David songbook that yielded a number one hit with "This Guy's in Love With You." The aborted followup single of "Close to You" that appears here, was handed over to the Carpenters. Throughout, the Brass' sunny, south of the border jazz-pop retains its innocent, upbeat, bright-eyed appeal. The lack of specific personnel or recording dates doesn't detract from this surprisingly successful collection of "leftovers" that ultimately stacks up as one of Alpert’s most diverse and enjoyable albums. --Hal Horowitz

Lost Treasures (Spkg)




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